Doujah Raze "The Pre-fix" Mixtape - Mixed by The Double-J

Zip File of Entire CD

1. Double-J and Doujah Raze Intro
2. "Irish Cream" - produced by Disko Dave/Shuko, cuts by Disko Dave
3. "Ghosts of Mars" - produced by The Double-J, cuts by Mista Sinista
4. "Throw Heat" - f/ Tribeca - produced by Tribeca
5. All for the Cash Exclusive f/ Born Unique
6. "Spinmata" - produced by Da Beatminerz
7. "The Dedication" (Hold That Heat) f/ O.C. and Born Unique - produced by Bring it Back Ent.
8. Flemboyant Emcees exclusive
9. Sudden Impact exclusive
10. "Looking Up" - produced by The Double-J
11. "Hard Times" - produced by The Double-J
12. "Hangin On" - produced by Team Demolition
13. Speed Exclusive
14. "The Breakoff" f/ Thad Reid and Optical - produced by Team Demolition, cuts by DJ Dial Tone
15. "These Questions" f/ Dedicated King - produced by The Double-J, cuts by Disko Dave
16. Overseas exclusive