Doujah Raze "The Pre-fix II: Second Wetting" Mixtape - Mixed by The Double-J

Zip File of Entire CD

1. Times Up Intro
2. "No Place" - f/ Kaimbr and Kaze - produced by Shuko
3. Breakfast Treats exclusive f/ Scavone and Oxygen
4. The Corner exclysuve f/ Haysoos
5. "Onionhead" - remix w/ Sean Price
6. Down and Out exclusive f/ Dynas
7. "The Light Now" - produced by Shuko
8. "Virginia" - f/ Thad Reid and Born Unique - produced by Disko Dave/IDR, cuts by Disko Dave
9. The Raw exclusive f/ Born Unique
10. "Barriers" - f/ Shuko - produced by Roey Marquis
11. "Verbal Gun Talk" - produced by The D-Tension, cuts by Mista Sinista - from the forthcoming Brick Records release Contacts and Contract Vol. 2
12. "The Inaugeration" - produced by The Snowgoons, cuts by DJ Illegal
13. Caught Between Girls Exclusive
14. "New York City" - produced by Shuko/H-Peh and S.O.S., cuts by Mista Sinista
15. "Plastic World" - produced by Shuko
16. "Horizons" - produced by Team Demolition